Accredited Investor Lists

Qualified Investor Leads Available

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc is an industry leader in providing Wall Street securities leads, for securities professionals. We provide solutions to business professionals by eliminating non-qualified investors and generating information on qualified investors looking to entertain financial ideas. Your fiscal stability can be increased by augmenting public awareness of your company with our dynamite lead packages. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc will supply you with the contact information of accredited investors, online traders, joint venture investors, stock market players, and even action-minded speculative investors. Whether you are looking to draw awareness to your stocks or to increase public knowledge and understanding about the great things your company is doing, Sprint Data Solutions has you covered. From penny-stock aficionados to affluent private investors, we have a large variety of investor files from which to choose!

Our databases are updated weekly and available to you on a daily basis to assure that you wont miss any potential hot leads! Plus, we offer a multitude of search fields that can be customized according to your specific needs.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc’s name says it all. When it comes to true investor leads, we know what our clientele is looking for, and what they are not. Most importantly, our leads work and get deals done.

Investor Leads

Our accredited investor leads are fresh and current and have gone through a pre-qualification process to assure you the best quality and accuracy.

  • $200,000 + liquid
  • $25,000 + currently in play
  • $1,000,000 + in net worth

Current active investor with a diverse portfolio

Our accredited investor leads are highly targeted investors who have been qualified for the following investments:

  • Online traders
  • Ranchers
  • Oil Barrons
  • Kings & Sheiks & Royal family members
  • Blue Chip Investors
  • Accredited Investors
    • Stocks & Bonds
    • Mutual Funds
    • IPO
    • Ranchers
    • Online Traders
    • Private Placement

Online Traders w/ email – Qualified investors who made a trade online within the last 6 months. Have opted in for 3rd part advertisements.

IPO – Qualified aggressive investors looking for new issues coming to the market.

Hedge Funds – Wealthy investors seeking managed money

Private Placement – (oil & gas) Qualified aggressive investors seeking opportunities in oil & gas drilling participation programs.

Stocks & Bonds – Qualified investors seeking opportunities in equities, options and fixed income.

Mutual Funds – Qualified conservative investors seeking long-term capital appreciation, and preservation of capital.

Ranchers – Qualified BIG Ranchers with money to invest and able to make quick decisions. Great for IPO’s and high risk securities.

Investor Lead FAQ

1. Are you leads DNC and teleblock compliant?
Yes, all of our leads are filtered through the FCC’s DNC list every 30 days.

2. Where do you get your leads from?
We have various sources that consist of qualified investors who have recently participated in deals with VC firms, private equity firms and oil and gas programs just to name a few. All of our names are then prequalified by our telemarketers to ensure their authenticity.

3. What do we consider a qualified lead?
This answer really varies depending on your targeted audience. As a rule of thumb, the investor should have a couple of brokers, no problem doing business over the phone with out of state financial professionals should have a bare minimum of $250,000 in the market, and liquid for $25-$50,000 to put behind an opening idea. The rule of thumb in the industry is an investor has 10% of his net worth in stocks alone.

4. What lead formats do you offer?
We can provide our leads in a wide array of formats from spreadsheet style, to CD-Rom, to labeled 3 by 5 inch index cards.

5. What makes your leads so special, compared to other lead sources?
Coming from the securities industry, we’ve made very lucrative contacts that are extremely beneficial to our clients.

The majority of lead companies out there sell conventional lead material that is rehashed junk, which is a complete waste of time and money. I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of cold calls using Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc, these are true investor leads. We here at Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc know what investors leads are all about. Sick and tired of poor producing leads. Call Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc 888-833-5478